Our Model

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Suppliers: Farm Shop buys only the most trusted agricultural inputs from reputable local suppliers. Our range includes seeds, feeds, mineral salts, suppliments, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, hay and tools.

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Franchisees: Our core, we supply our shops at the most favourable market price and profitability. We bring modern retailing with branded stores, point of sale systems, appointed trainings and extensive support services.

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Farmers: Farm Shop trains hundreds of farmers every week and continues to do so from within our Franchisee retail stores and neighbouring demo sites.

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Farm Shop Warehouses: Farm Shop employs several qualified agronomists, trainers, retail experts, sales persons, warehouse operators and other specialists. We are building future entrepreurs (especially targeting youth and women) to make a positive impact to Kenya's farming landscape. Technology is at the forefront of all efforts.

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